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ATK Scooter

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How much warranty does my ATK-Scooter have?
Your ATK-Scooter has a 1 year warranty and the battery 6 months from the date of purchase.
What should I do to collect my guarantee?
At the time of purchasing the scooter, you must register it on our website with the VIN of the scooter, the invoice number and the remaining data.

What happens if I don't take my scooter in for preventive maintenance?
Remember that to validate the one-year warranty on your ATK-Scooter, you must take it to preventive maintenance 6 months after purchase, if not warranty will be only for 6 months.

How to schedule time for the revision or maintenance of the ATK-Scooter in the service

You just have to call the technical service number to coordinate.
How long does it take to charge my battery?
That totally depends on the scooter you have, all models have different
time charges because to battery capacity is different. The load range is 3-8 hours.

How much incline can my ATK-Scooter climb?
The ATK-Scooter H6 with a 250W motor can climb up to 10° and the ATK-Scooter H9 with a 500W can climb 25°.

Can I choose a date and time for the delivery of my product?
Unfortunately not, all our deliveries are made with different operators
logistics therefore depends on your route the arrival of the ATK-Scooter.
What is the maximum weight that the ATK-Scooter can support?
ATK-Scooters are designed to support up to 220 lb!
Can I use it in the rain?
Unfortunately not, as they are electronic and folding products. They can only receive splashes, but not water as such. The protection is IP54.

 Can you do stunts and jump on them?
No, they are products fully designed for transportation and recreational use, not for
play some kind of sport with them.

What type of brakes do ATK-Scooters have?
The ATK Scooter H6 has an electronic and mechanical rear brake.
The ATK Scooter H9 and the ATK Bike H1 have dual disc brakes.
The ATK Scooter H7 and H8 have a rear mechanical and disc brake.

Do the scooters have cruising speed?
Yes, all our lines have cruising speed.

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