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ATK Scooter

Get a Scooter, Help The Planet

ATK Bike

Innovating the way to ride a bike


If you need to travel on longer distances, this e-scooter will help make your trip more comfortable.

ATK Scooter

Portable compact folding for easy transfer


I had never used an electric scooter, but the need for
moving quickly gave me
the last push to buy it. I asked
recommendations and all people mentioned were only one brand.
ATK Scooters

I got to the point that it took me a hour to work and sometimes more! I searched alternatives and that's how I found the ATK Electric Bicycle. Now me it only takes me 15 minutes to the office!

I have owned several electric scooters from different brands, but it's always the same problem. Something breaks and company doesn't respond or do not have spare parts. That's why I switched to ATK. Their technical service has worked incredible for me.

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